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Training for
the animation industry 

of projects in digital animation

The creation and management of an animated project can be quite demanding. At 3DADOS MEDIA, we provide you with all the tools so that your project can be competitive and viable. We solve your doubts and help you with the specific keys for the presentation of your project with special emphasis on public calls and international funds (short films, films and series in digital animation) We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your script, your project and your pitch. We advise you with the budget, the schedule, the financing plan and the proposal for dissemination and circulation. We connect you with outstanding talent in the industry.

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to enter the animation industry

Entering the world of work always represents a significant challenge for graduates and every year the competition for better job opportunities is more complex. In 3DADOS MEDIA we have created several Workshops that will help you better understand the work scenario and increase your opportunities.  In these workshops we provide keys to structure your resume, your Reel, strengthen your personal brand and impact an interview.

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Courses and workshops 
for the digital animation industry in Colombia

We know the needs of the digital animation sector and therefore we design courses and workshops that will allow you to grow professionally and generate new sources of income. Our courses (face-to-face and online) focus on providing concrete, useful information and are super personalized.

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Sharing and disseminating knowledge is important to us and to the growth of the industry. On our Youtube channel we share dynamic, concrete and agile tutorials on various softwares. Watch channel

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