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Our why

At 3DADOS MEDIA we are passionate about digital animation and we create content that connects with audiences through unique universes and unforgettable characters since 2006. All the stories we create, design and produce are made by Colombian talent.

Our short films, feature films and series have participated in the most important animation events worldwide, positioning us as one of the leading digital animation studios in Colombia and Latin America.

Our products have been extended to applications for social networks, augmented reality, virtual reality and some of them with innovative techniques such as motion capture, voice capture, facial capture, among others.

At 3DADOS MEDIA we are experts in turning the most complex content into emotions and inspiration

How do we help you?

"Whatever your idea, at 3DADOS MEDIA we make it happen."

We help you capture what you want to tell, ideas or stories, through unique universes and characters with exceptional digital animation techniques. We create expanded narratives (Transmedia) that will make your idea an unforgettable experience.

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Our founders

The culprits of the best ideas
Sergio Mejia

Creative director of 3DADOS MEDIA and convinced of the importance of generating new ways to communicate all kinds of content through digital animation. He has more than 15 years of experience in audiovisual production. He writes and directs animated stories for different formats: short films, feature films and television series.

One of them is SABOGAL, an animated series for television, later converted into a feature film, managing to be the first Colombian film in the official competition of the International Animation Festival, Annecy.

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Liliana Rincon

Creative producer of 3DADOS MEDIA. Her experience has led her to be part of important fiction, documentary and animation productions. She is the producer of the first Colombian film in the official competition of the International Animation Festival, Annecy, the most important being her field worldwide. She has been a representative of the producers on the Board of Directors of Proimágenes Colombia, is president of the GEMA Colombia Association – Grupo Empresas Animación – and is an advisor to the Quirino Awards for Ibero-American Animation.

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