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By Germán DueñasTelling stories and connecting emotionally with active and potential users of products and services challenges marketing leaders to diversify their options to produce pieces of communication.   This is how the advertising and marketing departments of the brands configure their communication artillery to capture the attention of the consumer. Esa is the new battle: attention. The way people are infoxicated is a reality and the ability to surprise is increasingly limited. As the Nobel Prize in Economics Herbert Simon said: "A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention."    

Storytelling helps people understand any kind of information

A study by the London School of Business found that 5 to 10% of people retain information only when statistics are shared, and 25 to 30% remember if they tell a story with statistics. But if you only tell a story, 65 to 70% remember the information that was shared.


More than content marketing, it's storytelling as content

The best storytellers are digital animation studios. This is demonstrated by Pixar, Walt Disney, DreamWorks Animation, Madhouse, Studio Ghibli, Sony Pictures, Aardman, Hanna-Barbera, Warner Bros., among others. All with blockbuster stories, memorable and of great memory. Incredibly, all those stories leave a clear, enduring and functionally applicable message to everyday life. No matter the age, the story in animation is for everyone and captivates adults and children. We are pure emotion in the midst of reason. Currently, an animation studio is a strategic ally of the highest value for the different productive chains of the economy, not only for the content that can be developed in its audiovisual field, but also in its ability to create universes. The animation industry is successfully dabbling in the development of characters and universes for the textile, toy, education, food, banking, health, defense and cultural sector among others. If you have something in mind of the same cut just give us acall.    

3 reasons to make content in digital animation:

  • Animation allows complex concepts to be told quickly, simply and understandably, since, although it has a more dynamic and fantastic content, the language used is more understandable. In this aspect, 3DADOS MEDIA has become a specialist developing animation projects with complex and difficult themes and has created a method over the years. My Body, My Territory and A Way Home are an example of this.
  • Animation allows you to create a fantasy story with a dynamic language.
  • Versatility: a campaign with animation videos can be on different platforms at once: social networks, apps, Google Ads, blogs, television and cinema.

Today our invitation is to make a more lively marketing from the different industries of the economy and to accompany in this process managers and leaders of the brands. If you have an idea for your organization, brand or business, just contact us and our team will start dreaming and creating instantly. Your ideas excite and inspire us.