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Ozzy Ozone

An important message narrated for three different audiences



The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development needed to raise awareness among children, adolescents and young people about the role of Ozone with an animation based on a script it had already developed.

How did we solve it?

Taking as a starting point our knowledge with the child, adolescent and youth audience we generate three ages of the same character to connect these audiences with the message.


We managed to develop different narratives in short and agile pieces and produce animated shorts with clear messages about environmental care.

success stories

My Body My Territory

Animation on Gender-Based Sexual Violence. A story that crossed all borders and came into the world.

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Closing the Digital Divide

For an innovative project, an innovative animation!

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A Way Home

Animation with which the Colombian institutions and the United Nations present the Law on Victims and Land Restitution.

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Ozzy Ozone

An important message narrated for three different audiences.

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We sensitize adolescents and young people about Sexual and Reproductive Rights in the most effective, fun and attractive way.

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Emotion in Full Dome

We created an experience in Cine Domo of great impact for the brand.

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Education and Hope for the Future

An animation that travels the world for international aid

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Rights to law

Faced with complex and very technical information, our animation is the ideal answer

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