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A Way Home

Animation with which the Colombian institutions and the United Nations present the Law on Victims and Land Restitution



This United Nations agency convened the most important animation companies in Colombia to make a very important animation for the country. We were the company selected to create and produce the animation on the Victims and Land Restitution Law.

By having great information on the subject, we managed to catalog it, categorize it and translate it into an attractive story.

How did we solve it?

We created the animation UN CAMINO A CASA,we included a great diversity of stories around 33 characters from different ethnic origins among Afro-Colombians, indigenous, peasants and mestizos. The narrative that we propose in this story, shows the violence and the causes of displacement in Colombia in such a way that it sensitizes the audience without generating rejection of the issues addressed.


We managed to articulate nine government institutions and United Nations agencies linked in the process, through clear work plans and deliverables to facilitate the work methodology.

We have extensive experience working in different regions of Colombia with ethnic groups, for which we provide valuable knowledge that visually and narratively enriches the final product, in addition to transmitting a highly complex law in a simple and clear way.

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A Way Home

Animation with which the Colombian institutions and the United Nations present the Law on Victims and Land Restitution.

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