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Detective GATTO, a great hero, now disgraced, redeems himself by seeking justice. First Colombian short film with applications on other platforms.

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Dr. EGO's abominable genetic experiments have broken the tranquility of Animalario, a city now on the brink of chaos. GATTO, an experienced detective has not ceased in his quest to stop EGO and restore order, but this time, a deadly HYENA will do everything in its power to get in his way.


ANIMALARIO more than a short film, it is a 3D universe aimed at young people and adults that marked a milestone in Colombian animation for its narrative, its visual quality and its reference to the crime novel. It was the first Colombian short with augmented reality in the invitation for its premiere, application for Facebook, App for IOS, Ipad and Iphone and a video game. The short film is available on the internet on the platform


The premiere of ANIMALARIO had more than a thousand attendees. This short has participated in more than 30 international animation festivals including Anima Mundi (Brazil), the largest in Latin America, and the prestigious Hiroshima Festival in Japan. Winner of Best Animation at the Los Angeles Movie Awards, the Rome Independent Film Festival and five other festivals, it is part of the Jewels of Colombian Cinemaselection, from Patrimonio Fílmico.