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Yellow and Violet

In this animated series we do not know who is right? Each of these aliens wants to conquer the planet in their own way! Total fun and adventure with these aliens.

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YELLOW and VIOLET are two aliens, very different from each other, who have been sent through the galaxy to fulfill their FIRST great mission: The conquest of a planet! By mistake they reach the Earth. The big problem is that each of these inexperienced aliens is convinced that their way is the ideal way to proceed with the invasion, agree and fulfill the mission will be an almost impossible task, leading them to live HALLUCINDANT adventures!


This series for children was produced in 2D Cut Out and is broadcast in Colombia on Canal Trece, Canal TRO, Telecafé, Telecaribe, Capital, Eureka, TelePacífico.


  • Winner OF AUDIOVISUAL CALLS. Ministry of Technologies
  • Winner BAM Animation. Bogota Audiovisual Market
  • Selection Pixelatl Festival, Mexico
  • IPI Pitch Iberseries Platino Selection, Spain