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Three friends, many horrors and everything at stake to return home! For Omar Rincón, renowned TV critic, this animated series is "A wonderful product" and is on the air on the TV channel Señal Colombia.

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Champy, Lania and Rocco are three friends who have accidentally been caught up in a mysterious game. To get out of there and return home, they must venture to explore the magical universe of the game and face a series of strange Espantijos.


ESPANTIJOS is a transmedia universe for children made up of a television series of 13 chapters, collectible card game with augmented reality, virtual reality game and virtual workshops for children. The series was co-produced with the Señal Colombia channel and is available for Colombia on RTVC Play. This novel, fun and challenging vision of myths and legends is one of the most innovative and creative proposals for public television in Colombia and Latin America.


  • Winner CREA DIGITAL. Ministry of Technologies.
  • Winner CLAVES ALHARACA. Ministry of Culture.
  • Nominated for Best Animated Series. International Animation Film Festival – Chilemonos, Chile.
  • Nominated for Best Animated Series. Ojo de Pescado Festival, Chile.
  • Finalist Prix Jeneusse Iberoamericano for the Best Quality TV, Brazil.