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Eri's unusual secret

The strangest spell turns this wolverine into a human child! Children's animated series in production.

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ERI is a curious wolverine who transforms into a 9-year-old human girl but doesn't know why! In this land, wolves and humans maintain a historical and strong rivalry so their world is turned upside down! While ERI searches for who he is and what he wants, he lives in a constant adventure between these two worlds trying to keep his secret hidden. In search of the cause of her unusual spell, she discovers that she is destined to break this ancient spell that keeps wolves and humans at odds.


This series for children was produced in 2D Cut Out and is broadcast in Colombia on Canal Trece, Canal TRO, Telecafé, Telecaribe, Capital, Eureka, TelePacífico, TeleIslas and Telemedellín.


  • Winner of the call of the Ministry of Culture – Development grant for best children's series project.
  • Winner of the call of the Ministry of Culture – Production of best children's series.